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24/01/2020 - 03:05

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Tombel : Chiefs cast out opposition « demons »

The scene was humorous but at the same time very thought provoking. For custodians of tradition to have gone that far means they understand the challenge that lies ahead and do not want to sit and watch their subjects deceived by adventurers who have nothing to offer.

The chiefs certainly know the development needs of their municipality. Thus are not ready to sit and watch their subjects fall prey to the opposition. Like the paramount chief of Tombel intimated, “the problems we face are not unique to us. Every developing nation in Africa has lived our situation, so it is in our best interest to vote for our party which is in power and through which we can obtain solutions to our worries.” He added that Tombel already has a fair share of the national booty so that is why the municipality should vote overwhelmingly in order to better merit more of the cake.
Already funds for the tarring of the Loum – Tombel – Kumba – Mundemba – Akwa road have been gotten and the contract awarded. The contractor is just waiting for the service letter in order to commence work. And it said it needs only 30 days to mobilize. Meanwhile early this year, Head of state Paul Biya once more showed his magnanimity to Tombel by appointing their 40 year old son, Paul Elung general manager of the prestigious Fuel prices stabilization fund, Csph. He comes to add to the long list of sons and daughters of the sub division who hold enviable positions in the country. Paul Elung himself being the sub divisional campaign team chairperson for Tombel beseeched all understand that “Tombel will be competing with many other sub divisions across the region. So it is in our best interest to come out massively and overwhelmingly vote for the Cpdm. We do not only need victory, but qualitative victory.”
To this, youths of the Bamoun quarter which had been hitherto renowned to be advertent opposition supporters could not be indifferent. During Tuesday’s launch, these youths officially switched to the Cpdm which in their words “has the interest of youths at heart. The appointment of one of us, Mr Elung gives hope and assures us that the Head of state who is also president of the Cpdm holds us at heart. So why shouldn’t we rally behind him?” The Cpdm manifesto for these twin elections says a vote for the Cpdm is a vote for the continuity of major accomplishments, and these youths are conscious of it. Reason why they say incumbent mayor, Rose Ngassa has accomplished much. From development projects through employment of youths to her philanthropic gestures, she has done a good job.
So why shouldn’t we join the campaign teams in canvassing for more votes for the Ngassa led list so that she continues what she had started? On this score they pledged to back the various campaign sub teams that will be combing the municipality as volunteers. Earlier in her welcome address, incumbent mayor Ngassa lauded the oneness with which things took off and prayed it continued like that till the end. In her words, “the Cpdm is a party of love, peace and progress. So it is incumbent on us to promote these values. Let us learn to forgive one another so as to tighten this bond of love, peace and progress. Tombel is a darling to all of us here, so let’s sink our differences and vote wisely for its development.” Mr Elung urged militants to watch the attitude they put up especially during this period as requested by the National president in his circular of August 05. “Let us deliver our messages in the friendliest and fraternal manner and we should be united and focused towards achieving the goal set by the party. We shall all be responsible for whatever result we get. So let us be conscious, “he insisted.

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