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09/07/2020 - 02:44

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SOUTH-WEST : serenity Reigns
SOUTH-WEST : serenity Reigns

The process unfolded as planned with utter enthusiasm expressed by the population of the South West Region. In Buea and Kumba where L’Action witnessed the process, all remained calm.

A few minutes to 8:00 am  voting day, the main stretch of road in Buea was virtually deserted by cars as ordered by the Minister of Territorial Administration  and Decentralization. At that moment, the polling agents at Semil Polling Station at upper Bonduma are unmistakably busy, yearning to make things start happening at 8:00 am at the dot. But before their dreams come to pass, a squabble has almost erupted between the CPDM candidates and the top brass of the SDF undeniably orchestrated by some municipal council candidates of the SDF.  The bone of contention is that the incumbent Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick and the Buea Urban MP aspirant for CPDM, Arthur Lysinge were busy at the time trying to type authorizations for their poling agents, causing SDF crew to suspect election rigging plans. When they come to discover the authorizations being drawn, they disappeared in shame, in the watchful eyes of onlookers.The voting process at the semil polling station effectively kicked off at 08:04 with some 6 voters queued up. Ten minutes later, the polling station at the Police station in Molyko was found to be accommodating some tens of voters with more thronging in. All seems to have been properly organised for the large number of voters in this polling station to be vote before 6:00 pm. The situation at the Bulu blind Centre Polling station along the Mile 17-Mile 16 stretch was somewhat different. There were 64 voters on the list with a few being tutors and workers at the handicapped centre. Those from outside voted but, the visually impaired at the centre could not start voting because their voter’s cards were not yet available. ELECAM’s Communication Officer for the South west Region, Moki Mokondo rushed for their cards and the problem was solved. But as further explains the chairperson of the polling station, Adiobe Asienne, even without their voter’s and their National identity cards, the visually impaired voted on condition that they possess their invalidity card. However, the hurdle did not last long as all their voter’s cards were finally traced by Elecam. At 10:45 am, the GS Dibanda A and B polling stations had attracted a large population wanting to vote. Ngunyi Esther possessed a voter’s card but her name did not feature on the voter’s list for that polling station. Another hitch is that that of a man, a visually impaired man who did not get his voter’ cards.In Meme, all went well but for the fact that in Balangi, the chairperson of the polling station made attempts to change the venue of the polling station. The population revolted and the SDO, Koubolt Aman, together with his collaborators brought back the polling station to its original venue. In Kotto II (Mbonge Subdivision), the chairperson did not get to work early and the SDO for Meme sends his men to force him to get to work. In Kumba town, the rules of the game were strictly respected. Defiant bike riders and off-licence operators were dealt with squarely. The bikes were impounded by the police and the off-licenses closed down as ordered by the SDO. In a brief chat with the press, the SDO gave a word and insisted that “defiant bar operators will find it very difficult to reopen their businesses”.The SDO addressed the press on the heels of a brief visit of the Governor of the South west Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, to Kumba, to see the voting process in that area. The Governor had earlier observed that the elections were serene throughout the region, praying that the population remains responsible to advance the democratic process in Cameroon.Reports say the counting of votes largely started at 6 pm throughout the region and by 7pm the process was still going on at the Semil polling station. On the phone line to Menji wuth the SDO of Lebialem, Simon Kwem, he told L’Action that the elections went hitch-free with his administration aptly supporting Elecam as prescribed by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization. The SDO of Ndian also affirmed that the Bakassi area has experienced a peaceful period before during and after elections as further enhanced by the Rapid Intervention Battalion who also ensured the hitch-free transportation of materials in good time.Tuesday morning saw CPDM miltants already celebrating their victory in Buea and other places, while the SDF was also reported to be smiling in some Council areas like Tiko.

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