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24/01/2020 - 03:10

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Cpdm bites mouthful in opposition fief

Over 17 years, Batibo council and the parliamentary seat have gone to the Social democratic front Sdf but the Cpdm is persuading the population to try the party, after the drab show of the opposition. Soaked in financial scandals, the Batibo council is a fruitless tree in the hands of the Sdf , according to the Cpdm campaign leader, Fon Teche Njei II, one of the thirty senators appointed in May by the head of State, Paul Biya. Local press recently ran headlines of a financial scandal in Batibo-a council car bought at 4.5 but put at 15 million francs CFA. Last year, the Mayor Lawrence Ndangoh Tenoh was incarcerated for fake communal stamps and he is out of prison on presidential clemency.  “The Sdf team for the council elections this year is the same - garmented in fake and inflated bills,” the Cpdm council list leader told the population while asking them to rethink and trust the Cpdm with their future.
More so, the incumbent Sdf Mp, Mbah Ndam’s stewardship is poor. “His micro grants amount to over 180 million francs CFA, and he has done nothing for the population. He has rather enriched himself, forgetting you, who voted for him,” Fon Teche Njei II said.
Youths here are worried about the Sdf record. Derrick Mbahyamsig, a former opposition supporter, called leaders of his former party, “pilferers.” “They accused the Cpdm of riding in SUVs, today they are using council money and micro project grants to buy the same vehicles,” Mbahyamsig cried.
Momo West constituency, Batibo seating on 22 villages will be fielding in a lady for the National Assembly race, Victorine Fomum Agum, an achiever in her professional life. Madam Fomubong has the prowess to play up to the international scene. She holds a masters degree in African literature and civilization from the mother university in Yaoundé and an undergraduate degree in English Language from the University of Buea. A sports and physical education teacher, Victorine is a tennis player who has backed several silver wares at home and outside. And, she has left the game of tennis to football.
Make no mistake! It is up to her to convince the electorate that she is the right person, a task she has understood. Speaking at the rally she gave a wink to the women folk and reminded them of their “oath” on the 8th of March, International Day of the Women to support any female candidate irrespective of the party. “Now is the time to respect our word as women. I am one of you. Let us use our numbers to fight for our children,” she wooed her electorate.
An eloquent speaker, the National assembly hopeful, canvassed for votes sighting schools, bridges, pipe borne water and other amenities as her worry in the future if voted into office. Listing her interventions, the aspirant said more will be done when she goes into the lower house. “If we could do this while out of power, how much more can we do while in office?” she put the rhetoric to the crowd.
Campaigners at the rally narrowed the election to the Batibo council area. According to Mbahyamsig, the vote is about the development of Batibo not between the head of State Paul Biya and Sdf chairman Ni John Fru Ndi. “It is no longer about sentiments but a time to vote maturely. Other council areas in the region (North West) have understood and are turning their backs at Sdf. My dear people we should not single out ourselves for marginalization and destruction,” the council list leader, a custom officer advised the population.
At the top of their voices, the crowd shouted, Cpdm action Now, Now, Now! , promising to scale off the Sdf from Batibo on September 30, elections day. Now, the campaigns are door-to-door as advised by the party hierarchy. Meanwhile, the Cpdm North West campaign manager, Prime Minister Philemon Yang will visit Batibo on Monday September 23, 2013.

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