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06/07/2020 - 05:26

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Rose Ngassa : The Pride of Tombel
Rose Ngassa : The Pride of Tombel

Her achievements during these past six years as mayor of the Tombel council are a good bait for the people to renew their confidence in the Cameroon people’s democratic movement, Cpdm.

Leading up to her election as mayor of Tombel in 2007, she was confident in herself and capacity to deliver the goods. Madam Ngassa unequivocally made promises which coming from a woman at times scared many. But like one renowned philosopher once said, “man, know thyself.” Today six years after, madam Ngassa has kept her promise to the people. The scores of projects she has realized and the several others on course attest to the commitment of a woman who has devoted herself to the development of the locality that saw her being born, that groomed her and made her what she is today. Tombel is the biggest of the three sub divisions that Kupe Muanenguba counts. But this size coupled with its thick population did not scare the 51 year old who is today referred to as a rear gem in the history of Kupe Muanenguba. From her first days as mayor of Tombel, she opted for an inclusive development approach. This approach to her was to ensure that everyone feels part of the whole such that no locality or village feels sidelined. As skimpy as the resources were, madam Ngassa was able to carry out at least a project in each of the over 60 localities that make up the Tombel council area. From the construction of classrooms, and health centres through the drilling of bore holes for pipe borne water to the acquisition of generators to light up the municipality, the mayor spared no effort in ameliorating the living conditions of her people. “Though I originate from the West region, Tombel is my real home because I was born here, I grew up here and thanks to Tombel I am a successful business magnate in this country and even beyond. So anything I do here is simply from the bottom of my heart in recognition of the love I enjoy here,” she said.
Tombel council with madam Ngassa as mayor built 14 classrooms in primary and secondary schools across the municipality, acquired 12 generators to light up the area and built modern toilets in existing schools and health establishments that lacked the facility. Where the roads were impassable, the council intervened either by paving or concreting. Cases in point are the market hill and the Nkwesse hill. As far as the Tombel city centre is concerned, the council regularly maintained its roads, installed street lights to curb insecurity and repaired old bridges as well as built new ones where required. The people of Buba I and Nyandong just to name these no longer cover long distances to seek medical care thanks to the visionary and pragmatic Mayor Ngassa who built them ultra modern health centres. Tombel is an agrarian municipality with very fertile land. So to avoid kids from straying when their parents go farming, Mayor Ngassa has built several nursery schools. To ease the paving of roads so that her people can evacuate their produce to the local markets, she bought a grader. And to keep youths busy since 2008, she provides them holiday jobs during summer.
To better structure the development of the municipality in the coming years, she has elaborated a development plan that runs up to 2035 and is in line with the Head of state’s vision of sailing the country to emergence. So who else can better implement this plan than she who was at its conception and elaboration? In the next five years, Mayor Ngassa plans to build 36 classrooms, complete ongoing construction of nursery schools as well as build new ones. She also plans to build a vocational training centre in Tombel, open and light new streets, award scholarships and build a new water scheme. All these will require so much money and Mayor Ngassa is conscious. She says “with the intensification of decentralization I hope our package would increase and that aside we plan to open up to development partners both at home and abroad. We are also looking forward to twining with councils abroad.” Her hard work and development - driven attitude has won her several recognitions among them, knight of the Cameroon order of valour.

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